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The idea of Eazi Jack started when the owner was camping at a well-known holiday resort – Buffelspoort. He saw how one camper was struggling to jack up his caravan. The camper nearly gave up and said out loud “I wish someone will design something to help us lift these caravans” Well enough said, wasn’t long after that and the first Eazi Jack jacking system was designed and installed. Now it is a pleasure to lift / level out your caravan. Know you just have to press a button and all the hard work is done for you. Even your wife can do it. Our clients always asks the same question – “Where have you been all my life” OR “Thanks Jannie now camping is a pleasure”

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Electronic Centre Jacking System
Centre jacking system is a must for caravan self-levelling. Raises the mid section of the caravan.Does not damage the chasis or floor. Can be used to aid in roadside wheel changes. 12v (16amp) DC system.
Electronic Corner Steady System
Electronic Corner System is a luxury. Its used to steady the van NOT to lift the van. 12v (16amp) DC system
Electronic Spare Wheel Lift & Mount


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